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Patient enjoys a spa dental visit at Sierra Vista AZ dentist

Relax With a Spa Dental Hygiene Treatment

Transform your regular dental cleaning into a day to relax and something to look forward to!

Dawn, our Dental Spa Hygienist, has such a gentle touch. Her face, neck, and scalp massage leave you melting into your chair. She even sneaks in a professional dental cleaning while you relax.

The experience concludes with an arm and hand massage. The eye pillow, aromatherapy, music and hot towel all add to the tranquil experience.

Your Spa Dental Hygiene Treatment includes:

  • Aromatherapy in a spa atmosphere
  • Warm blanket
  • Face and head massage
  • Dental cleaning
  • Hand/forearm massage

The cleaning portion is billed to patient’s insurance. Our spa dental treatment is only $40 out of pocket. Mention this webpage and receive your first spa dental treatment for only $20!

Treat yourself to a spa dental hygiene treatment. You deserve it. Call 520.458.1989 now to schedule your appointment!

*Dental spa appointments are limited and only available Fridays at Dr. Edwards’s Office